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Do you know what Proteomics is?

Genes are in charge of "turning on or off" proteins that in turn define the cell type required to form different organs in our body. But how do our genes give these orders?

Each gene consists of information that generates a certain protein or proteins (note, genes do not necessarily express a single protein), and the proteins generate células para hacer tareas específicas, así las células de nuestros ojos funcionan diferente que las células de nuestro hígado, aunque contengan el mismo ADN.

The proteomics is the study of the structure and function of proteins including how they work and how they interact within cells. It is known as proteome to the total number of proteins expressed by an organism.

Proteomics has evolved from genomics, but while the target molecule for genomics is DNA, proteomics focuses on the identification, localization, and functional analysis of the protein composition of the cell.

The proteome is an element highly dynamicbecause it changes with the organism and the conditions faced by its cells. It can change due to alterations in its environment, such as stress, drug action, energy requirements or a pathological state.

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